Boundary Wall


Boundary Wall

With the increasing demand for boundary walls in the UAE, Gulf precast has developed complete engineering solutions, advanced and economical for all types of boundary walls for palaces, villas, residential complexes, private and public gardens, farms and other facilities. Gulf Precast boundary wall systems allow the architect full freedom in developing distinctive designs whether traditional or modern, simple or complex, to suit the owner’s requirements. Gulf Precast designs adorn many large-scale projects spread over hundreds of kilometers in different soil types, strong and weak

AdvantagesUsing Gulf Precast Boundary Walls::


High quality since our product is produced under very strict quality assurance and quality control in a closed factory environment.


Low maintenance


No limitation for the architect ,any shape, color and required height could be achieved


Durable product


Speed of accomplishment: Our team of expert designers and erectors will complete boundary wall jobs in record time.

Gulf Precast boundary wall system includes the following:

1- Precast boundary walls with different heights and appearances, using isolated or strip footing according to soil bearing capacity.

2- Hollow core boundary wall which is an economical alternative suitable for industrial activities or farms.

3- Combination between GRC and concrete where ornate architectural design is required.

Our mission is to build your vision

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