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Precast Concrete Elements

Precast Concrete is fast becoming the choice Building product worldwide thanks to its versatility, economy and speed of construction. Combining the strength and durability of concrete with the flexibility and aesthetics of precast elements, it is considered on of the most economical and attractive construction solutions available.

Gulf Precast Concrete Co. has been one of the leading manufactures of precast and pre-stressed Concrete components in the United Arab Emirates for the past 20 years.

Few building materials available today offer the economy, flexibility, and reliability of precast concrete. Both Architectural and Structural components have proven themselves in low-rise and high-rise buildings of all kinds, as well as Schools, Multi Storey Car parks, Villas, Boundary Walls and other   structures.

Casting concrete in a factory allows the manufacturer to exercise precise control over all variables that affect its durability, strength, and appearance. Gulf Precast produces precast elements under strict quality assurance and quality control, complying with the ISO 9001:2000 International Standard for Quality.

The carefully quality controlled conditions under which the concrete is moulded and cast ensures that the dense precast concrete components will have smooth surfaces that resist moisture penetration, fungus, and corrosion.

Fast construction means earlier completion. This, in turn, means earlier occupation or use is possible, and reduces the high cost of both on-site labour and interim financing. Factory production methods have also permitted Gulf Precast to vastly expand the design flexibility possible with precast. Custom form liners can be used to introduce reveals, patterns, and other architectural effects.

Variation of sands, cements and coarse aggregates, and the use of chemical and mechanical treatments, will result in striking rich and varied differences in colour and texture. Stone, tile or other masonry materials can also be cast into precast panels while still at the factory, enabling designers to achieve the look of a much more expensive material at a fraction of the cost.


1. Factory Engineered products under strict quality control

Precast Concrete is made of cement combined with natural materials: coarse aggregate, sand, cement and water, all of which are produced in an environmentally friendly way.
Precast concrete production takes place under strict controlled conditions in a factory; as a result, better consistency of product quality can be achieved, together with safer working conditions and reduced impact on the environment.

2. High performance, quality and durability:

Precast concrete elements are produced under strict quality controlled to the highest standards, ensuring their durability, strength and appearance.

3. Wide choices of finishes

Whether off-form, smooth or textured, with contrasting exposed aggregates, or slightly etched and pigmented, precast concrete surfaces finishes offers a rich and varying array of possibilities, allowing greater freedom and creativity.

4. Flexibility of forms and shapes:

With Precast Concrete, architects and designers can full reign to their imagination allowing all sorts of decorative patterns, reveals, cornices, recesses and curvatures in their design.

5. Superior heat and sound insulation

Precast Concrete sandwich panels, with their dense concrete and incorporated middle insulation layer, offer a far superior heat and sound insulation than traditional construction systems, which means substantial energy savings and healthier environment.

6. Economy and speed of production:

Precast concrete elements are mass produced with minimum manpower in the shortest possible time. Their remarkable qualities: Strength, durability and Insulation offer significant cost savings in construction cost, energy consumption and later maintenance costs.

7. Fast and efficient installation:

The use of standardized Precast Concrete elements contributes to efficient and fast installation, significantly reduced construction time.
Assembly of large and complex components can be carried out easily and quickly, producing little or no dust, noise or waste, as well as giving a faster return on investment.
Moreover, good quality control in the factory prevents unnecessary delays, and just-on-time deliveries reduce the need for storage at the construction site.

In addition to the advantages listed above for Precast, Prestressed Precast Systems offer the following added features:

1. Light economical construction:

Prestressing and High Strength concrete make it possible to use less material to achieve similar load-bearing capacity and, hence, make substantial cost savings in both reinforcement and concrete. Reduced section sizes lead to lower dead loads and can improve transport efficiency.

2. Long spans:

Prestressing of the Precast elements means longer and more efficient spans, allowing large, open spaces and reducing the number of columns and beams in the structure.

3. High load capacity:

Precast prestressed elements can carry much heavier loads as compared to normal reinforced concrete structures, which makes them ideal for heavy load bearing structure such as tunnels, bridges, car parks, reservoirs, ….

4. Minimum propping and scaffolding:

Precast prestressed elements need very little propping or formwork, leading top cost saving and greater access all through the work areas.

No matter what type of project you are interested in, precast concrete is demonstrating its superiority.

Combining quality, economy, speed, and flexibility, it is the building material of choice.

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